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Sinn [Q] Technology


Shielding of electromagnetic pulses

In the case of analogue quartz watches like our 434 series, the gear train is powered by a stepper motor. When the hand of a quartz watch jumps ahead one second, the stepper motor powering the movement generates electromagnetic radiation. Because you wear the watch directly on your body for a longer period of time, we’ve minimised this electromagnetic impulse on all 434 series watches – as confirmed by the [Q] symbol on the dial.

Q tech.PNG

Shielding measures

Constructive measures and special material combinations are necessary to significantly reduce electromagnetic radiation, as the electromagnetic impulse of the stepper motor represents a spectrum of many different frequencies, all of which cannot be effectively suppressed in the same way. Shielding measures “trap” the radiation emitted by the movement in the case of the watch, preventing it from escaping.

Effects on humans

The effects of electromagnetism on humans is the subject of various analyses of the impact of electromagnetic radiation on the environment. Here, the focus is on the effect of electronic devices – particularly on public health. Unlike many household devices, quartz watches emit weak electromagnetic radiation. Since some people are highly sensitive to such radiation and a watch is worn directly on the body for an extended period of time, we offer shielding.

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