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Triwa recycled ocean plastic watches logo

Time for Oceans

Meet the world's first collection of watches made completely from recycled ocean plastic. These watches are designed to be part of the solution, highlight the issue of ocean plastic pollution and become a statement for your wrist, a symbol for change. All plastic used in manufacturing these watches is ethically collected from oceans and shores, and, with the help of solar power, properly cleaned and recycled by our official partner, Tide Ocean Material.

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SUB Ocean Plastic

This new collection is part of our Time for Change strategy where they want to make the watch a statement symbol to raise awareness for issues of our time.  Ocean Plastic SUB is inspired by early underwater explorers and designed as part of a sustainable solution to the global problem. We see Ocean Plastic SUB as an ocean model made for and from the ocean.

Triwa time for Ocean blue 3.jpg

Ocean Plastic

This 10 ATM everyday watch is made completely from recycled ocean plastic. It is made from the oceans, for the oceans, and it is filled with marine inspired details such as three dimensional waves on the dial, oversized luminous indexes and hands, as well as the domed mineral glass. The ocean plastic woven strap comes with zulu loops and buckles in stainless steel. Wear this statement timepiece, whilst surfing, swimming or at work as a reminder and conversation piece of our ocean's health.

Watches have, for a long time, been associated with status and tradition. At TRIWA, an acronym for Transforming the Industry of Watches, we want to use the symbolic value and placement of the watch for something more relevant and create modern statement symbols instead of traditional status symbols. 

By designing watches with stories that transcend style, trends and status we hope to highlight important issues of our time. We are aware that we are not saving the world by making watches, but we like to think of ourselves as norm challengers and innovators in an industry that needs transforming. It’s time for change.

We work with innovative materials, organizations and ambassadors that care about making the world a little better. We call this Time for Change.

Designed in our creative studio in Stockholm, our collection of watches is designed to last, start conversations and tell stories.

Welcome to the world of TRIWA.

Sub Ocean
Ocean plastic

Each year 8 million metric tons of plastic, the equivalent of a dump truck load every minute, enters our oceans  - joining the estimated 150 million tons of plastic that currently circulate. The plastic pollution has a deep and irreversible impact on marine life and our planet. Together with Tide Ocean Material Triwa have developed this collection of watches as a solution to the problem and a symbol of change. For every watch sold, you help to clean the oceans from more plastic and take a stand for the health of our oceans.

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