Duckworth Prestex - revival of a historic watch brand

Duckworth Prestex may sound like a new name, but it goes back a very long time in the history of watchmaking. Nearly 100 years in fact - and for Neil Duckworth, founder of Duckworth Prestex, this is a very personal story.

Inspired by the original Prestex Art Deco dress watch, this model uses the same numerals and rail-track around the dial.

The quality and reliability of the Verimatic is exceptional, as defined by the word itself.

Verimatic is a combination of “veritas” – the Latin word for “truth” – and “automatic”, describing the incredibly reliable and carefully-crafted Miyota 9039 automatic self-winding movement that we have specified to our exact requirements.

Our chronograph is a contemporary interpretation of another original Prestex classic, combining traditional and modern. It’s an ultra-reliable and super accurate watch fitted with a cutting-edge Miyota 6S21 movement, selected for its precision and durability – in the finest traditions of watchmaking.

The watch itself stands out as a robust timepiece, which is extremely well-constructed using only the best materials specifically designed for the purpose, such as its 316L stainless steel case.


Every watch is individually quality checked and tested in our workshops before being offered for sale.