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Those who have found their way and are moving forward with both consistency and openness to the world have a clear view of new opportunities and the beautiful things in everyday life. For those who are then also concerned with the right watch-life balance, we have developed the Panova. The Mühle everyday watch gives its wearer the feeling of having had an eye for the essentials and of having taken the right path. This is also expressed in the name: the words "Panorama" for the view and the Latin word "Via" for the path form the basis for the name "Panova".




Timeless blue, fashionable orange: the design of Panova Blau is the perfect mix for people with an unobtrusive lifestyle.




The fine cut of the dial is characteristic of the Panova. Depending on the incidence of light, it makes the dial shine - sometimes lighter, sometimes darker - in a wide variety of nuances.




The hour indexes are equipped with raised luminous dots. In combination with the likewise luminescent hands, they enable perfect readability by day and night.

Muhle Glashutte Panova - Blue Dial

  • Stainless steel.
    Non-reflective sapphire glass.
    Screw-down crown.

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