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As a sailing dinghy, the 29er is considered particularly fast, sporty and dynamic. This makes it the ideal namesake for our 29er models. The only difference is that we drive out any speed with our elaborate regulation - in favor of accuracy. The best example of this is the 29er Chronograph. In competitions, sportsmen and women will particularly appreciate its timekeeping function. Of course, this can be used not only for sailing, but also for horse and car racing or the 5000-meter run.




The flank protection of the screw-down crown not only enhances the dynamic appearance of the watch, it also effectively protects the crown from lateral impacts.




With the finely divided scale on the rehaut, stop times can be measured to within an eighth of a second.




The round pushers for starting and stopping a time measurement (at 2 o'clock) and for zeroing the chronograph (at 4 o'clock) perfectly match the size of the flank protector. This way, you can't bump into it anywhere.

Muhle Glashutte 29ER Chronograph

  • Stainless steel.
    Non-reflective sapphire glass.
    Back with transparent window.
    Screw-down crown.

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