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About P1-WATCHES and my vision.

I’m a passionate enthusiast, watch fanatic, and collector, during my career as a Chef I sacrificed my spare time to work with all the major prestige and premium brands for many years, firstly to pay for my collection (the staff discount helped too😉) and secondly to learn more and experience the world of watches.

Many have asked me why I started P1-WATCHES and left behind a great job, especially during a pandemic. Simple answer - to follow my passion and to offer a different approach to introduce great watches not so easily available to us. There is not much new or exciting to me in the big brand names at the moment. After exploring the world in micro brands – WOWSERS what an exciting place to be!

Okay, so you may not have heard of certain brands because they may not be available to us in the UK. They also don’t spend vast amounts on marketing budgets or sponsor major sporting events. They are generally made in small numbers or limited production. What this provides for you and me is fantastic watches with the amazing build quality and high specifications at a realistic and affordable price with an element of exclusivity. Open your mind to micro brands and explore what's available.

Previously I have been lost in the glitz of the big brand names and to be honest, I’ve now realised that I am guilty of being too much of a brand snob. Now I have to confess that along the way I’ve missed some fantastic watch brands. Being an avid Rolex fan and wearer for many years, I will always remain to be a Rolex fan but I have to say, I am so excited to be looking into bringing you and supplying some very exciting watches.

We are searching to work with fantastic brands and being very selective in our approach to bring high-quality watches with a story to tell, have a look into brands like Oak & Oscar, William Wood, REC (we are not a stockist for these brands, but they are great examples of what’s available and the ambition that we are trying to achieve) its brands like these that inspire me, you buy into so much more than a watch.

Trifoglio, Baldieri, and Strond are just the start of our journey in fantastic quality watches to exceed expectations at a sensible price point. Soon followed Ocean Crawler, Gruppo Gamma and Sinn Watches, and many more to follow – watch this space in our journey. Our aim is to offer the best watches for you to make a smart purchase.

We will always represent the most popular prestige and premium brands as a pre-owned specialist.


Love talking watches contact us on 01908 382511


We hope you enjoy the experience on our website.

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