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Sequent have revolutionised the way you wear a smartwatch. Its 100% autonomous, sustainable and really fun to feel the mechatronic pulse that makes sure you'll never run out of power.

5 year warranty

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

Infinite POWER smartwatch

We invented a supercharging technology, the world’s first self-charging electro-mechanical embedded system." A unique and cutting-edge technology, transforms 100% clean and infinite kinetic energy into electrical energy.

The SuperCharger® captures the power of your body motions transforming it into energy to power your smartwatch.

The turning rotor is made of premium grade tungsten, that uses the basic principle of gravity to create power. Similar to a Swiss automatic watch.

Track Your Activity

Do you want to know, how your activities match the recommendations of the World Health Organisation, to prolong your life span? It's so easy with our health tracking app.

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Monitor your Heart Rate*

Your heart beat is an essential indicator of your vitality, and monitoring your heartbeat is what this watch does.

*Only on SuperCharger 2 HR

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Improve your sleep

Deep sleep is the most efficient way to re-charge our life energy and re-sync our neural systems. It gives us the opportunity to tune in with our inner nature and it also brings us the power to stay strong for the next day.

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Connected e-GPS

With our Sequent App and the GPS in your phone, we map and keep track of your runs.

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