To mark our company’s 55th anniversary, we are presenting the 910 Anniversary – limited to just 300 pieces and boasting a special technical feature. For in addition to a stopwatch, it also features a split-seconds mechanism for recording intermediate times. This split-seconds hand moves in sync with the second stopwatch hand until the push-piece is pressed at 8 o’clock. The split-seconds hand then remains in the ‘off’ position to allow you to read the intermediate time. On pressing the push-piece again, the split-seconds hand catches up with the second stopwatch hand and continues to move in sync with it.

The historical value of an additional feature adds to its appeal. The 910 Anniversary features a column wheel chronograph that stops the time. Timepieces constructed in this way are something of a rarity these days. They are regarded as technically demanding and as an expression of traditional watchmaking, since the column wheel control mechanism has been a key component in traditional chronographs since the mid 1900s.
While production is extremely complex, the utmost care and precision is required in assembly. Since the column wheel controls the start, stop and reset functions, it is subject to high levels of stress. The highest possible resistance to wear and tear is required in order to make full use of the benefits, for example an easy-to-operate push-piece. The workings of the perfectly synchronised mechanism can be admired through the transparent sapphire crystal back, which provides great aesthetic appeal.

Thanks to the vintage-look dial and attached appliqué, the chronograph also has a particularly high-quality and exquisite feel. To commemorate the 55th anniversary, the limited-edition number and the years ‘1961–2016’ are engraved on the case back.


This watch is sold with a Cognac Leather Strap and Fine Link Bracelet.


Special Characteristics

  • Limited edition to 300 units
  • Case made of stainless steel, polished/satinised
  • Split-seconds function
  • Column wheel chronograph, exquisitely decorated
  • Double scale for measuring units per hour (e.g. kilometres)
  • Sapphire crystal glass on both sides
  • Attached appliqué
  • Waterproof and pressure-resistant to 10 bar
  • Resistant to low pressure


Sinn - 910 Anniversary - 910.010

    • Valjoux 7750 Rattrapante
    • Self-winding mechanism
    • 31 bearing jewels
    • 28,800 semi-oscillations per hour
    • Seconds stop function
    • Shock resistant as per DIN ISO 1413
    • Anti-magnetic as per DIN 8309