Our 434 St GG S ladies’ watch is a real piece of jewellery, perfect in combination with many items of clothing. This distinctly feminine and elegant timepiece is an extraordinary blend of purity and timelessness. The dial is encased in a fine decorative bezel of 18-carat yellow gold, providing an elegant touch of finesse. Other design features of these watch creations include the black dial with sunburst decoration and the appliqués, which have been meticulously attached by hand to show the hours.

Our high technical standards also meet today’s expectations of a ladies’ watch. The [Q] symbol on the dial confirms the minimised electromagnetic radiation emitted by the high-precision, temperature compensated quartz movement.


Special Characteristics

  • Decorative bezel of 18-carat yellow gold
  • Classic, elegant stainless-steel case
  • Black electroplated dial, with sunburst decoration
  • Shielding of the electromagnetic pulses emitted by the quartz movement
  • Appliqués, meticulously attached by hand
  • High-precision quartz movement, temperature compensated
  • Sapphire crystal glass
  • Waterproof and pressure-resistant to 10 bar
  • Resistant to low pressure


Sinn - 434 St GG S - Bracelet Options - 434.020

    • ETA E64.101
    • High-precision quartz movement
    • Temperature compensated
    • 8 bearing jewels
    • Seconds stop function
    • Anti-magnetic as per DIN 8309