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Avaliable to order - delivery in May


Flawless functionality and a safe feeling with it on your wrist: our 434 St GG B model offers both.

For example, we have minimised the electromagnetic radiation of the movement for this watch, as confirmed by the [Q] symbol on the dial. Additionally, it features a high-precision, temperature-stabilised quartz movement. It is still resistant to low pressure, waterproof and can withstand pressures of up to 10 bar.

You can also discover the extraordinary character – resulting from the combination of timeless aesthetics and the utmost in precision – of the 434 St GG B model. The blue dial is an optical feature that has also been finished with a sunburst decoration. This dial is set in an elegant stainless-steel case with crystal made of sapphire crystal glass.

A whole new level of exclusivity is evoked through the featuring a fine, decorative bezel of 18-carat yellow gold. The appliqués, meticulously attached by hand, are subtle in their elegance in showing the hours and give the impression of a traditional ladies’ watch.

Special Characteristics

  • Decorative bezel made of 18-carat yellow gold
  • Classic, elegant stainless-steel case
  • Electroplated blue dial, with sunburst decoration
  • Shielding of the electromagnetic pulses emitted by the quartz movement
  • Appliqués, meticulously attached by hand
  • High-precision quartz movement, temperature-stabilised
  • Sapphire crystal glass
  • Waterproof and pressure-resistant to 10 bar
  • Resistant to low pressure


Sinn - 434 St GG B - Bracelet - 434.022

    • ETA E64.101
    • High-precision quartz movement
    • Temperature compensated
    • 8 bearing jewels
    • Seconds stop function
    • Anti-magnetic as per DIN 8309