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Introducing the WRX Electric Black "Operator" in its captivating "Pirates Shadow" iteration, this timepiece celebrates RALF TECH's independent spirit with a dark and timeless design. Designed for those who embrace their uniqueness, this version sets itself apart from the crowd. The WRX Electric Black "Pirates Shadow" features a new electric movement, a striking charcoal dial, and a matte black ceramic bezel.


The WRX Electric Black "Pirates Shadow" showcases RALF TECH's rebellious and distinctive character. The black PVD-coated surgical steel 316L case, accentuated by a sandblasted finish, exudes an air of sophistication and strength.


With its impressive diameter of 47.5 mm, this timepiece makes a bold statement on the wrist, reflecting an individual's unique style.


True to its purpose, the WRX Electric Black "Pirates Shadow" exhibits exceptional water resistance up to 1000 meters (3300 feet), making it an ideal companion for extreme diving endeavors.


Complementing the design is a comfortable black silicone strap, providing both flexibility and durability for active lifestyles.


The "Pirates Shadow" version of the WRX Electric Black embodies RALF TECH's independent and adventurous spirit. The charcoal dial and matte black ceramic bezel contribute to its distinct and captivating aesthetic, making it a standout choice for those who dare to be different.


With its cutting-edge technology, bold design, and exceptional craftsmanship, the WRX Electric Black "Pirates Shadow" represents a timepiece that seamlessly combines individuality with timeless style.

Ralf Tech -WRX Electric - Black - Pirates Shadow

Pre-order for despatch within 4-5 working days
  • Movement: Electric Micro Hybrid
    Case: Crafted from surgical steel 316L with black PVD coating, featuring a sandblasted finish
    Diameter: 47.5 mm
    Water-resistance: 1000 meters (3300 feet)
    Strap: Black silicone

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