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Introducing the WRX Automatic "1963," the Vintage edition of the esteemed WRX timepiece. The "1963 Night" version pays homage to a bygone era when scuba diving was a perilous activity mastered primarily by soldiers and daring enthusiasts. With its matte black microblasted surgical steel construction, this timepiece exudes an air of rugged elegance.


The WRX Automatic "1963" Vintage edition embodies the essence of a bygone era. The surgical steel 316L case, enhanced with a sandblasted finish, reflects the aesthetics of the time while offering durability and timeless appeal.


With a diameter of 47.5 mm, this timepiece captures the spirit of adventure and evokes a sense of nostalgia for the era it pays tribute to.


Engineered to withstand the challenges of the deep, the WRX Automatic "1963" Vintage edition boasts water resistance up to 500 meters (1650 feet), making it a reliable companion for diving enthusiasts.


The vintage hand-sewn Havana calfskin leather strap further enhances the retro charm of this timepiece, providing both comfort and style.


The WRX Automatic "1963" Vintage edition transports wearers to an era when scuba diving was a daring pursuit. Its matte black microblasted surgical steel case and vintage-inspired design capture the essence of adventure and evoke a sense of history. With its combination of mechanical excellence and classic aesthetics, this timepiece serves as a reminder of the brave individuals who pushed the boundaries of exploration.


The WRX Automatic "1963" Vintage edition offers a unique opportunity to embrace the spirit of the past while enjoying the reliability and craftsmanship of a modern timepiece.

Ralf Tech -WRX Automatic - 1963 Night

Pre-order for despatch within 4-5 working days
  • Movement: Mechanical automatic winding
    Case: Surgical steel 316L, Sandblasted
    Diameter: 47.5 mm
    Water-resistance: 500 meters (1650 feet)
    Strap: Vintage hand-sewn Havana (calfskin) leather

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