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The WRV, first introduced in 2012, draws inspiration from the iconic diver's watches of the 70s, blending the aesthetic elements of that era with the practical requirements of an operational timepiece. In this latest edition, the WRV showcases a new Electric movement, combining modern technology with vintage charm. The distinguishing feature of this version is its striking navy blue dial.

The WRV stands as a testament to the classic designs of the 70s diver's watches, capturing their timeless appeal while incorporating the functionality needed for active use. The surgical steel 316L case, with its satin finish, exudes a rugged elegance that enhances the watch's overall aesthetic.


Equipped with a new Electric movement, the WRV ensures precise timekeeping and reliable performance. This modern movement combines the best of traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology, delivering accuracy and efficiency.


The navy blue dial of the WRV adds a touch of sophistication and personality to the timepiece. It not only enhances readability but also exudes a sense of refined style.

With a diameter of 43.9 mm, the WRV strikes a balance between presence and wearability on the wrist, making it suitable for both casual and professional settings.


Designed for water enthusiasts, the WRV boasts a water-resistance of 300 meters (990 feet), enabling it to withstand the demands of underwater exploration and diving.

Completing the timepiece is a black silicone strap, ensuring comfort and durability for everyday wear or adventurous activities.


The WRV Electric edition merges vintage-inspired design with modern functionality, creating a watch that pays homage to the past while meeting the needs of contemporary watch enthusiasts. It is a timepiece that effortlessly blends style, reliability, and versatility.

Ralf Tech -WRV Electric - Ocean

Pre-order for despatch within 4-5 working days
  • Movement: Electric Micro Hybrid
    Case: Surgical steel 316L, Satin finish
    Diameter: 43.9 mm
    Water-resistance: 300 meters (990 feet)
    Strap: Black silicone

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