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Following the triumphant launch of the BEAST Manufacture in December 2022, RALF TECH's most dominant and exclusive timepiece has now been introduced in an Electric version, opening the doors to this legendary model for a wider audience. The incorporation of an Electric movement empowers this watch, while ensuring its accessibility and popularity among enthusiasts. 


This captivating timepiece exudes sophistication and discretion through its black dial and black PVD coated case. The refined aesthetics make it an emblem of elegance. 


The Electric Micro Hybrid movement within this RALF TECH masterpiece exemplifies the brand's commitment to innovation and performance. The case, constructed from surgical steel 316L, is adorned with a black PVD coating and finished with a sandblasted texture, adding a touch of allure and durability to the design. 


With a substantial diameter of 47.7 mm, this timepiece commands attention while maintaining a sense of harmony and proportion on the wrist. 


True to its legacy, the RALF TECH Electric version has been rigorously tested and certified for water-resistance, guaranteeing optimal functionality and reliability even in extreme conditions. It is capable of withstanding pressures at depths of up to 3000 meters (9900 feet), making it an ideal companion for divers and adventurers alike.


Completing the ensemble is a sleek black silicone strap that enhances both comfort and style, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable wearing experience. 


With its combination of unparalleled performance, understated elegance, and exceptional craftsmanship, the RALF TECH Electric version stands as a remarkable fusion of form and function, making it a coveted timepiece for watch enthusiasts across the globe.

Ralf Tech - The Beast - Original Black - Electric

Pre-order for despatch within 4-5 working days
  • Movement: Electric Micro Hybrid
    Case: Crafted from surgical steel 316L with a satin finish
    Diameter: 47.7 mm
    Water-resistance: Tested and certified for up to 3000 meters (9900 feet)
    Strap: Black silicone

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