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Introducing the ACADÉMIE "Pirates Shadow" version from RALF TECH, a timepiece that embodies classic elegance with a touch of uniqueness. This watch celebrates RALF TECH's independent spirit through its dark and timeless design, making it a standout piece that combines tradition with a distinct character.


The ACADÉMIE collection from RALF TECH represents the epitome of classic watchmaking. With its mechanical automatic winding movement, this timepiece ensures precise and reliable timekeeping. The self-winding mechanism harnesses the natural motion of the wearer's wrist to power the watch, eliminating the need for manual winding.


Crafted from surgical steel 316L, the case of the ACADÉMIE "Pirates Shadow" version features a black PVD coating, providing a sophisticated and contemporary aesthetic. The sandblasted finish enhances the stealthy appearance of the watch, adding a touch of texture and depth to its overall design.


With a diameter of 41 mm, the ACADÉMIE offers a versatile and comfortable size suitable for various wrist sizes. The balanced proportions of the watch ensure it can be worn effortlessly as an everyday companion or paired with formal attire for special occasions.


Designed for active lifestyles, the ACADÉMIE "Pirates Shadow" version boasts a water-resistance rating of 200 meters (660 feet). This level of water resistance allows the watch to withstand everyday activities and recreational water sports, offering peace of mind and reliability in various environments.


Completing the classic and distinguished look is the vintage black hand-sewn calfskin leather strap. The strap adds a touch of refinement and character to the timepiece, enhancing its overall elegance. The meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail in the strap's hand-sewn construction ensure both comfort and durability.


The ACADÉMIE "Pirates Shadow" version combines the timeless appeal of classic watch design with RALF TECH's independent spirit. It is a watch that stands out from the crowd, offering a blend of traditional elegance and distinctive style. With its sophisticated features and unique character, the ACADÉMIE "Pirates Shadow" is a true classic for individuals who appreciate refined craftsmanship and timeless design.

Ralf Tech - Academie Automatic - Pirates Shadow

Pre-order for despatch within 4-5 working days

  • Movement: Mechanical automatic winding
    Case: Surgical steel 316L with black PVD coating, sandblasted
    Diameter: 41 mm
    Water-resistance: 200 meters (660 feet)
    Strap: Vintage black hand-sewn (calfskin) leather

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