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About Trifoglio Italia watches

In many ways, Trifoglio exemplifies the blend of two antithetical genres and two mutually complementary temperaments. 


Alessandro Baldieri was born in Italy and his talents honed in Rome and the USA.  His bold and extravagant inspirations pay homage to his roots in cosmopolitan Rome, its rich legacy in its distinctive history.


Jessie Yeo, born and raised in contemporary, vibrant and eclectic Singapore, has a long time successful powerhouse in the watch business with her business acumen and hard work.  Alessandro’s fiery and consuming passion for glamour, style and beauty makes him the visionary designer, while Jessie’s sleek instincts at reason and order translate inspiration into reality and impeccable quality.


Both are avid travellers, passionate about people,and unafraid of taking risks. Having travelled to some of the most beautiful regions in the world, their adventures have inspired their designs. Their team up means that Trifoglio Italia has a splendid mix of unfettered affection for luxury combined with skilled attention to detail.


Trifoglio Italia’s commitment to producing only the best quality means that its collections are produced only in limited quantities. Now selling in Europe, America, the Middle East and Asia, with its headquarters in Singapore, Trifoglio Italia fans can be assured that they own a piece of design that is crafted with only the highest quality and timeless beauty in mind.

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