Axios Watches

I graduated, got my first job and decided to purchase my grail watch; a Rolex Submariner. I had coveted it for a long time now. It suited me well - a watch that could take a beating and one I could take anywhere with me on my adventures.

And so I hunted it down; armed with my first bonus paycheck and an opportunity from the Kuala Lumpur boutique - back when it was still possible to get it at retail, I bought my grail watch and I felt really happy.

For a short while.


It was underwhelming.

There was no doubt that it was a well-made and brilliantly executed watch and I had waited for this day for a really long time. But I had just spent almost 10 grand, my biggest single purchase to date and a part of me felt like I overpaid for this.

That was early 2016, and I questioned if it really cost that much to build a solid, well executed watch. Sure, in hindsight with the way the grey market went for Rolex sports watches, it turned out to be a good investment.

But for the specs and build quality, was it really worth that much?

By 2018, I had met Elshan and together with my childhood friend, Justin, we started Axios Watches to chase perfection in watchmaking. Our journey took us almost a year of iterative design and production back and forth, and finally we created something we were happy with - the Ironclad.

We want to offer great quality watches without our customers overpaying for it, to the people who just like me, are conflicted over overpaying for quality. And we hope our watches bring you as much joy as we do get creating them.

Co-Founder, Stuart Ho



Axios Watches is proud to introduce the Ironclad - A modern reinvention of an iconic classic.

The Ironclad maintains the definitive dive watch silhouette and is infused with our own design ideas – resulting in a watch that is reminiscent of the past, but wears its own character. The collection was named after the Ironclad battleships, the advent of which in 1859 would go on to change naval warfare forever.

Engraved onto the caseback of each Ironclad is an image of its namesake warship. Each Ironclad caseback also bears its name, the movement and its serial number.

The words “Now comes the reign of iron” is also distinctively etched on the caseback, immortalizing the remarks of Rear Admiral (USN), John Dahlgren as he witnessed the first Ironclads - the Monitor and the Merrimack engaged in the Battle of the Ironclads in the March of 1862, ending the 3000-year reign of wooden man-of-war ships and forever changing the face of naval warfare.

With a case size of 40mm, ceramic bezel and newly introduced 3.0 micron scratch resistant coating, the Ironclad is as versatile as it is robust. A brilliant sunburst dial with high-polished applied indexes and generous C3 X1 lume ensure that the Ironclad commands tremendous wrist presence.

The Ironclad is powered by the workhorse Swiss Sellita SW200-1 Automatic movement, which guarantees performance even under the most challenging conditions.


Axios Watches is proud to present the second act, the Flagship - A renaissance of the vintage dive watch.

A truly excellent watch tells a story, and the story of the Flagship finds its spirit in the man of Horatio Nelson, Vice Admiral of the British Royal Navy. As a commander, Lord Nelson was a brilliant naval strategist and best known for his decisive role in the Battle of Trafalgar in October of 1805.

Etched onto the caseback of each Flagship is the HMS Victory, the last flagship of Lord Nelson as he sailed into battle against Napoleon's larger naval force. Upon suggestion that another ship should lead the line into battle, Lord Nelson refused. And when asked to cover the stars on his uniform to hide his rank, he said "In honour I gained them, in honour I will die with them."

Lord Nelson's fleet won that battle in a decisive victory, but he would perish in that fight. As he laid dying below deck from his wounds, his last words were "Thank God I have done my duty...God and country."